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Class Times:

Mondays  -  7pm

Fridays  -  7pm


The group classes are very relaxed, quite informal and full of good humour. There is a basic programme catering for all new beginners allowing them to learn the foundation of the Yeung family system. Once that has been attained the other classes during the week are open to those willing to further their understanding. Those with previous experience in Yeung (Yang) style are welcome.


There are instructors here willing to assist at all levels of training some of which have trained directly with the Yeung Family in Hong Kong. 


We recommend you bring with you some comfortable clothing and footwear.


Private lessons are available please call for availability.


For further information please do not hesitate to contact us either by phone or email, alternatively please visit us at the times stated above.

School Address:

283-285 Wood Street,



E17 3NR.



Please see map below...

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